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22H Drop-In Mod Boards

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Precision-designed to drop right into your existing 20H or 20HV, these boards are of the highest quality. All holes are 100% Through-plated, and the sexy black solder mask helps protect the circuit. Boards come fully populated with the boutique quality components, upgraded pots, and Belton tube sockets. All you need to do is solder a few easily identifiable colored wires. Below are the current boards we offer, but we plan on adding more on a regular basis.

SDLO - NEW - Legendary high gain amplifier made in Seattle, in a manageable 20w format. Super DUPER Lead Overdrive.

SDLO 30 - NEW - Octal version of the SDLO. Run 6L6's for 30w. Just like the modern version selling for almost $2500.

Cap'n Crunch/Angry Badger - Killer combo of modded Marshall tones. From Slash/Lynch, to Billy Joe Armstrong, you'd be hard pressed to find this much versatility in any other 2 channel amp.

Cap'n Crunch/Silver Hammer - This is a very special board. Combining two of the most sought after modded Marshall amps in the history of rock, this amp has it all. Not only did it define the sound of a generation of guitarists, it's great for modern rock as well. \m/

Brown Iris - DELUXE - Plexi Crunch channel, Brown Iris OD, switchable to Hairy Brown Iris with push/pull or toggle switch. Incredibly versatile tone monster. Get yours today!

Twin Peaks - Shirley has a twin sister, and they're looking for some action. Two identical bombshell channels of Fri*dman badness for your tonal enjoyment. Go get 'em, tiger!

Stock JCA 22H Board - Why a stock board? Because you love your stock JCA, but this has a fully upgraded boutique signal path and power supply. Everything you love about the stock board, just better.

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