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22H - Unchain The Scary \m/

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We put together the ultimate collection of mods to truly nail that legendary Lynch tone! For the first time, the hard rock grail-tone is within your reach!

Included in this Bundle:

Cap'n Crunch/Silver Hammer - Two of the most sought after modded Marshall amps in the history of rock, the SIR #36 and #39 amps defined the sound of a generation of guitarists. \m/

Negative Feedback - Dial in just the right amount of hair on pick attack and chunk on the bottom end.

Depth - Fatten up the bottom end

Saturation - Adds just a pinch of smoldering heat.

Presence Mod - Switchable between the stock presence and the more upper-mid-focused presence favored by Mr. Lynch.

Check out Jay Parmar going absolutely bonkers, modding his 22H.

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