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Jet City 50/100 Mods

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So what are these mods anyway?

Nayked OD - NEW!: High gain Marshall style amp with a modern flavor. Originally designed for A P@rfect Circle guitarist Billy H@werdel. Crushing and beautiful. Difficulty: Intermediate

Nayked Crunch - NEW!: High gain Marshall style amp with a modern flavor. Originally designed for A P@rfect Circle guitarist Billy H@werdel. Crushing and beautiful. Difficulty: Intermediate

Tri-wreck OD- NEW!: Highly sought after amp from H*ghes & K*ttner. Heavy, controlled, and refined. Precision engineered to destroy. Difficulty: Intermediate

SLO OD MKii - NEW!: Better, stronger, faster than before, the mkii SLO is a modern update to the classic SLO. Tighter, less fizzy, a touch more modern, and a relocated/pedal friendly fx loop. Everything you loved, and less of what you didn’t. Not bionic, but damn close. Difficulty: Intermediate

Rebel Yell OD: Signature channel of legendary 80's rocker and guitar slinger extraordinaire with the pleather pants and big hair. Positively dripping with gain, harmonics, and attitude. Because more is more, dammit! Difficulty: Advanced

JJ OD: Signature channel of the legendary AIC guitarist. Heavy, articulate, and gainy. Difficulty: Advanced

Buttersex OD: Signature channel of Mastadonian proportions. Heavy as f#ck. Difficulty: Advanced

Killer Plexi: The real deal. Get all that vintage goodness in your crunch channel. From chimey, Hendrixy clean tones to Brown Sound and all the classic rock and blues you can handle. A veritable encyclopedia of tones in a single expressive, dynamic channel. Difficulty: Intermediate

Club 40 Clean - NEW!: Another legendary amp based on a JTM 50 Bass amplifier. Touch responsive, chimey, warm, chewy, and 3D... You thought I started talking about hot chocolate chip cookies, but no. I'm talking about thick, luscious clean and blues tone to die for. Difficulty: Intermediate

Model T OD: In all it's Doomy glory. Mega loud, mega clean. Put a fuzz in front and you'll be deep in sleep territory. Heavy A. F. Difficulty: Intermediate

Model T Crunch: Crunch channel version, Still in all it's Doomy glory. Mega loud, mega clean. Put a fuzz in front and you'll be deep in sleep territory. Heavy A. F. Difficulty: Intermediate

HV Deluxe: The people have spoken, and when they do, we listen! Presenting, the HV Deluxe, with all the pedal platform goodness, chimey cleans, and classic crunch of the 20HV, only bigger. Includes depth mod. Difficulty: Intermediate

Brown Iris Px: Signature model variation of the BI. Complete with low gain switch and V+/- switches. Have a kick-ass day! Difficulty: Advanced

VH4 OD: At long last, tweaked to perfection! Channel 4 of one of the most sought after high gain amps in existence. Legendary tone. Difficulty: Advanced

Epic OD: Our signature tone, and one seriously versatile and killer sounding mod. From 0 to noon, you can get fantastic classic rock plexi tones. Snappy, punchy, and responsive, just like a really good plexi, but with more gain on top. From noon to cranked, the tone thickens up and becomes more modern and heavy. From Rock to Shred to Metal, the Epic OD simply does it all. Difficulty: Intermediate

Cap'n Crunch (For Crunch Channel): Modeled after a famous rental amp with an appetite for destruction, the Cap'n Crunch adds iconic #34 flavored overdrive with incredible playability and versatility. Switchable option adds a great lower gain plexi voice to your crunch channel. Two epic tones, one switch. Rock on! Difficulty: Intermediate

Silver Hammer OD: Like the Cap'n Crunch, the Silver Bullet brings those legendary tones of the SIR #36 rental amp made famous by players like George Lynch and Slash. Pair this with the Cap'n Crunch for an encyclopedia of hard rock tones in one amp. Difficulty: Advanced

Brown Iris: Turn your crunch channel into a true Jose/Fr---man style tone machine. Difficulty: Advanced

Hairy Brown Iris: Transform your Overdrive channel with high gain Jose/Fr---man tones. Melt faces and hearts. Difficulty: Advanced

Angry Badger OD: Our take on those sneering, chunky punk rock tones from Dookie. Angry and fierce. Difficulty: Intermediate

SLO OD Channel: Exact replication of the legendary SLO Overdrive channel for a fraction of the cost. Nail those Lynch/DeMartini tones you crave! Difficulty: Intermediate

Deca-Crunch (For Crunch Channel): Another classic crunch channel. The Soldano Decatone. Pair this with the SLO mod for a ridiculously good box of rock. Difficulty: Intermediate

3+OD: Legendary high gain rack mounted tone used by countless session players for over 2 decades, and still coveted by top modern players in head form . Difficulty: Advanced

B*gnershall: Tight, aggressive, punishing. Turn your OD channel into one of the most sought after metal tones ever. Difficulty: Advanced

Sextasy Red/Blue: High gain Lead and Crunch channels from the 101B. Difficulty: Advanced

Diva Crunch: Amazing high gain channel from yet another legendary B*gner amplifier. Difficulty: Advanced

Noise Reduction: Lower your noise floor and keep hiss and noise at bay! Works with any amp, not just Jet City! Difficulty: Intermediate

800 Mod: The preamp is re-worked to reflect the gain and tonal response of one the iconic British amp. Difficulty: Advanced

Low Gear OD: Lowers the gain and re-structures the response for more classic rock tones. Still capable of liquid sustain at higher gain levels. Fantastic mod (if we do say so ourselves!). Difficulty: Intermediate

OD to Crunch channel Clone Mod: If you've ever wished you could have two Crunch channels, now you can. Difficulty: Intermediate

Ultra Clean: Turns the crunch channel into a true clean channel. Difficulty: Intermediate

Super-Ultra Clean: Same mod as the Ultimate Clean, but switchable between the stock and modded circuit. Difficulty: Intermediate

Flub / Fizz Destroyer: Tightens up the low end and removes the harshness from the highs. Difficulty: Beginner

Pedal Friendly FX Loop: Use pedals in your loop again. Adjusts the send/return levels to play nice with pedals. Difficulty: Beginner

FX Loop Relocate - Post Tone Stack: Moves the FX loop from the stock location to the more ideal location, between the tone stack and the master volume. Much more transparent! Difficulty: Intermediate

Capacitor Upgrade: One of the best mods we sell. increases the tonal complexity and richness of your tone. Much more 3d and musical. Difficulty: Advanced

External Bias: Install external test points and adjustment pot and never open your head to bias again. Or, bias every single session. It's now that easy. Difficulty: Advanced

Depth: Add resonant thump to your low end. Difficulty: Beginner

Negative Feedback Control: Another extremely useful mod. Change the overall tone and feel from a more vintage feel to tight and modern. Difficulty: Beginner

Mid Sweep Control - NEW!: Tone-tweaks rejoice, for you have been saved! Dial in tonal perfection with a nearly infinite array of tonal possibilities. Women will want to be with you and men will want to be you. Power and glory are within your grasp! Difficulty: Beginner

Hi-Cut Control: One of the most useful mods you can do! Tailor the exact high end response of your power section to your liking. Shave off the shards of ice while keeping your high end clear and snappy. Difficulty: Beginner

Half-Power mode - 100H only: Add switchable half-power mode to your 100H or LTD. Difficulty: Beginner

50H DC Elevated Heaters: Injects noise cancelling DC voltage into your heater supply.Reduces hum introduced into the preamp and lowers the noise floor of your 50h. Difficulty: Beginner

50H Preamp Heater Re-wire: Re-wire your preamp tube heaters and move them away from your preamp. Reduces hum introduced into the preamp and lowers the noise floor of your 50h. Difficulty: Beginner

6L6 to EL34 Conversion: This is a simple mod, but it takes the guesswork out of changing to EL34s. Enough parts to do a single 100w head, or two 50w heads. Difficulty: Beginner

Saturation Switch: Injects diode clipping into the preamp circuit for additional overdrive and harmonic content (similar to a tube screamer in front of the amp, but it responds a bit more naturally due to the fact that it’s integrated into the circuit). A very cool option that works extremely well with the 800 mod. Difficulty: Beginner

Front-Panel Channel Switch - NEW!: Don't always want to hassle with a footswitch? Just want to reach over and flick it? Well, then, this is the mod for you. Also a great beginner-friendly mod, perfect for getting your amp-modding feet wet. Difficulty: Beginner

Trainwreck Global Master: Cranked amp tone at any volume. Installed after the phase inverter, so you can crank your stock master wide open for natural PI compression and sustain, but at bedroom volume levels. Difficulty: Beginner

Third-ish Channel: add either a footswitchable low gear mode to your crunch channel, for good cleans AND crunch tones, or a lead channel option (gain reduction, solo boost). Includes 2button footswitch. DifficultyIntermediate

Extra Mojo: Not a mod. This is just an item I use for creative problem solving, off-menu items, etc. But feel free to buy us a coffee, though. We love Coffee. Mmmmmm... Coffeeeee. 🤓.

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