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Jet City Amelia Mods

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So what are these mods anyway?

Blackface Clean: Re-structures channel to F-style Blackface tones. Great as a standalone clean channel or as a pedal platform! This is the standard by which all cleans are judged. Difficulty: Intermediate

Nitro OD: Modern high gain, boutique amp. Spawn your inner high-octane funny car and shift your tone into high gear. Difficulty: Advanced

Q-Rod OD: High gain boutique amp with a more vintage voice. If the Nitro is a funny car, the Qrod is a '69 charger built to the hilt. Guaranteed to turn heads. Difficulty: Advanced

F-Ball OD: Metal. Because Metal. And furthermore, Metal. So if you're into tight, modern, aggressive metal tones, this this European designed circuit was designed for one thing and one thing only. Country. Just kidding. METAL! Difficulty: Advanced

Aldrich OD - NEW!: Signature channel clone from one of the modern era's most coveted players. Shred, chunk, and pummel with insane gain and harmonic structure.. Difficulty: Advanced

FX Loop fix: Full replacement of the existing loop with this drop-in PCB kit. Now Amelia can have a full effects loop with send and return buffer stages. Super easy installation. Difficulty: Beginner

Fire Horse: Named after Amelia Earhart's own Metal Machine, this mod will convert Amelia's overdrive channel into a fire breathing metal monster. Tons of gain, tight, percussive lows, growly mids, and just the right amount of compression. Difficulty: Advanced

Modern Rawk: Tight, percussive lows and rich, harmonic distortion get the most out of the Overdrive Channel, while improving clean/overdrive channel volume balance. Difficulty: Intermediate

Low Gear: Tames the gain on the OD channel for a much more classic feel. Wide open and huge. Difficulty: Intermediate

Capacitor Upgrade: One of the best mods we sell. increases the tonal complexity and richness of your tone. Much more 3d and musical. Difficulty: Advanced

Channel Balance: Greatly improved balance between Channel 1 and Channel 2 volumes. Difficulty: Beginner

External Bias: Install external test points and adjustment pot and never open your head to bias again. Or, bias every single session. It's now that easy. Difficulty: Intermediate

Foot-switchable Overdrive control: Adds a switch to the existing footswitch to allow footswitching the Overdrive control. Converts the plug to a 5-pin connector and the cable is replaced with a standard midi connector. Difficulty: Advanced

Negative Feedback Control: Another extremely useful mod. Change the overall tone and feel from a more vintage feel to tight and modern. Difficulty: Beginner

Mid Sweep Control: Tone-tweaks rejoice, for you have been saved! Dial in tonal perfection with a nearly infinite array of tonal possibilities. Women will want to be with you and men will want to be you. Power and glory are within your grasp! Difficulty: Beginner

Trainwreck Global Master: Cranked amp tone at any volume. Installed after the phase inverter, so you can crank your stock master wide open for natural PI compression and sustain, but at bedroom volume levels. Difficulty: Beginner

Extra Mojo: Not a mod. This is just an item I use for creative problem solving, off-menu items, etc. But feel free to buy us a coffee, though. We love Coffee. Mmmmmm... Coffeeeee. 🤓

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