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Jet City Custom 5 Mods

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So what are these mods anyway?

Cali Hot Rod: Our top of the line C5 mod with more gain, more sustain, more harmonics, and more killer tone... Because like they said in the 80's, more is more. We've added a bit of secret spice to make this one work with single-ended amps. Tte Cali HotRod leaves a trail of dropped jaws behind with legitimately great tone, not just tone that sounds good for a 5w amp. Video Clip: Difficulty: Advanced

800 Mod: Faithful recreation of the gain and tonal response of one this iconic British amp. Secret sauce for single-ended amps included. Difficulty: Advanced

Low-Gear: Again with the secret mojo, but this time we've voiced the channel for more clean headroom and a great musical breakup. Great for a tiny 5w pedal platform or as a standalone low volume clean. Difficulty: Intermediate

Capacitor Upgrade: One of the best mods we sell. increases the tonal complexity and richness of your tone. Much more 3d and musical. Difficulty: Advanced

Saturation Switch: Injects diode clipping into the preamp circuit for additional overdrive and harmonic content (similar to a tube screamer in front of the amp, but it responds a bit more naturally due to the fact that it’s integrated into the circuit). A very cool option that works extremely well with the 800 mod. Difficulty: Beginner

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