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Super X

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With 3 channels of authoritative tone, the Super X is ready to take charge of your rig. While still very compact and lightweight, the Super X offers a true Blackface clean tone, our legendary Cap'n Crunch, and the Silver Hammer high gain overdrive channel for a true encyclopedia of tone. With enough gain on top to choke a horse, the Super X is still capable of stunning clean tones and subtle classic crunch tones. Comes in THREE output formats as well. 15watt (6V6's), 30watt (EL34/6L6), or 60w (EL34/6L6). Made to order. Lead time 2-3 weeks.


  • 3 Righteous Channels (Blackface Clean, Cap'n Crunch, and Silver Hammer)
  • Available in multiple output formats
    • 15 Watts (2x 6V6)
    • 30 Watts (2x EL34 or 6L6
    • 60 Watts (2x EL34 or 6L6)
  • Epic Buffered Effects Loop
  • 3 Channel Foot-switch (Optional Midi Switching)
  • Cab-Sim/Direct XLR Out (upgradable to Cab Impulse Responses)
  • Hand-wired with Top-Shelf components
  • Innovative Toolbox Design
  • Insanely easy tube and bias control access
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Available in Black, Red, or Army Green
  • 15" x 6" x 6"
  • 25lbs
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